The Wackness is “Cool”

10. ledna 2008 v 16:51 | lucibuska |  ČLÁNKY=English
method manThe Sundance Film Festival is in two weeks (Hopefully Mary-Kate Olsen will be there!) and 'The Wackness' will have its world premiere there.
Method Man, one of MK's co-stars, recently told MTV that the film was an amazing experience:
"It's cool as sh-," he said of the film, which was directed by Jonathan Levine and also stars Ben Kingsley. "This [guy] feels his life is wack. The lead character is played by Josh Peck, and it's the story of a high school student [who's] about to graduate - that's addicted to pot. His psychiatrist is also a drug addict - that's played by Ben Kingsley. Peck falls in love with Ben Kingsley's daughter, who's also a drug addict. Peck comes for advice from his supplier, who is me. I play a Rastafarian drug dealer. I really transformed. … I hired my own coach. … The dialogue they had was so Hollywood Jamaican, it was ridiculous. The person I worked with went in and wrote it over."

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