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17. srpna 2007 v 16:08 | lucibuska |  ČLÁNKY=English
The young twins are mad at Acclaim Entertainment, which has allegedly done a slipshod job of developing and marketing a line of videogames featuring the adventures of the young millionaire duo.

According to a lawsuit filed last week in Los Angeles and posted online by celebrityjustice.com, Acclaim has "blatantly abandoned the Mary-Kate and Ashley line and has taken the franchise of the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand in video games and has now run it into the ground".

The litigious starlets are suing the video game giant for close to $500,000 for breach of contract and back royalty fees.

And then there's the irreparable damage done to their brand name; according to the suit, Acclaim's mishandling of the video game line has created "the single dark spot on the otherwise unblemished success story of the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand across myriad media and territories."

Not that it's hurt them financially. Thanks to their tremendous marketing empire, Dualstar Entertainment, the twins are worth a reported $150 million...each. By the time they turn 21, it's estimated that they'll be billionaires.

In June, they'll turn 18, to the joy of operators of various Websites that feature timers counting down the seconds till the twins are of legal age.

Their first feature film, New York Minute, opens May 7 to the squealing delight of preteen girls everywhere. This fall, they'll head off to New York University to begin their freshman year.

Next up for the duo: live television. The Olsen twins will serve as hosts of Saturday Night Live on May 15.

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1 Lenka Lenka | 30. ledna 2008 v 17:14 | Reagovat

Ahojky Olsenky jak se máte škoda že jste Angličanky.

2 _LuCiiBuSkA_Adminka_:-P _LuCiiBuSkA_Adminka_:-P | E-mail | Web | 14. března 2008 v 10:22 | Reagovat

Oni si to nepřečtou..xD xD xD xD ...

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