Identical twin

18. července 2007 v 12:40 | lucibuskaaa |  Texty písniček
We´re twins, we´re twins, yes sir,
I am me,she is she,
except when I pretend I´m her.
And when we switch,
you can´t tell which is which,
you don´t know who you´re talking to,
Because we´re identical, ´dentical, ´dentical,identical twin!
We look a lot alike,
but we are not alike.
I´m loud! . . . . I´m quiet,
she´s serious . . . she´s a riot.
We´re totally,totally,
identical twin!
We read different stories,
we read different show,
in our slightly different colored hair,
we wear different bows.
We dance to different music,
we laught at different jokes,
it´s like we´re . . . two different folks .
Though we appear alike,
we´re nowhere near alike,
she´s sweet. . . she´s saucy,
what´s that mean?
you´re bossy
says you. . . it´s true
is not. . . is too.
We´re totally,totally,
Identical twin!
I am not a xerox,
I am not a clone,
a duplicat, a copycat,
a second scoop. . . on the ice cream cone.
but we´re marching to different drums.
We look a lot alike,
but we are not alike,
two. . . . .two,
totally. . . totally,
utterly. . . uterlly,
opposite. . . opposite,
totally. . . . totally,
different. . . . different,
identical twin!
Identical twins,
deedle-leedle-lee, dum!

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