Brother for Sale...

18. července 2007 v 12:39 | lucibuska.aa |  Texty písniček
Well, we think this world.
Is a real nice place.
But we think that it´s a crime.
Thet we should have an older brother.
Who picks on us all the time.
So, next time he´s sleeping in his room.
We´re going to sneak in and tie him.
Then we´ll talk him out into the street.
And see if someone will buy him.
Brother for sale,
only fifty cents.
Brother for sale,
he´s not a big expensive.
You can hug him,
you can bug him,
you could buy or rent.
Brother for sale,
only fifty cents.
Hey,would anybody like to buy,
a slightly used big brother?
Even if you have one now,
trade him for another.
He will help you with the chores
and he´s fairly clean.
The only problem is,sometimes,
He can be so mean!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .
Brother for sale,
twenty five cents.
If mom knew we were selling him,
we would really get it.
Buy him now, and we´ll tell you,
what we will do,mister.
We´ll even throw into the deal,
our little baby sister.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Brother for sale,
only ten cents.
He will always pick you up,
when you take a fall,
and he´s good at showing you,
how to catch a ball.
He always tall these funny jokes
and does this crazy dance.
He sounds like a pretty nice guy,
let´s give him on more change.
Our brother´s not for sale,
not for any price.
Our brother´s not for sale,
we guess he will suffice,
we like to hug him,
we like to bug him,
He´s really rather nice.
Our brother´s not for sale,
not for any price!

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